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 2 words, 11 letters… TUITION FEES!

I’m pretty sure 99.99999% of the population knows this. Unless of course 
you’re under the age of 10 

I’m one of the very many students who will be introduced to the 9,000 per year tuition fees for University. 9,000 is a bucket load of money, especially if you plan on studying for 4 yrs (which i’m thinking about doing unfortunately) I think many of remember only jut a few short months ago we saw a record number of students applying for university before fees are to increase. Many succeeded but some did fail. As the time for me to submit my UCAS  application is drawing nearer and nearer, i have often began to think about this 9 grand that will haunt me for next perhaps 30 years. Yes i am fully aware that there will be more help - (but that’s only if our mums and dad’s don’t earn enough), you don’t have to start paying if of until you’re earning more than 21,000 a year and that it will be wiped of after 25 years once we’ve lived most of our young lives. But the question as to why the prices rose so much in the first place continues to bemuse me. I mean i know that tuition fees have been rising constantly since it was first introduced back in 1998 but why so drastically now? Where is the money going? How exactly is this increase supposed to help us - the future? I could ask question upon question and they will never be fully answered. Don’t get me wrong i have done some research and asked some of my teachers and i still have yet to receive a definite answer.  I mean if the same professors/teachers that are teaching now are going to be teaching next year, what difference is it really going to make. 

 So alas i have come up with 5 reasons as to why i think the tuition fees are rising:

#1 to prevent more and more people from going to University, because frankly we’re getting smarter

#2 People aren’t paying for their taxes so here’s another way to ensure that we’re all paying some kind of money to the ‘big people’

#3 The Government is pretty much begging us to go to Hogwarts next year.

#4 The machine that prints money has broken down

#5 We really are bankrupt

Sarcasm aside, it would be reasonable for myself and i assume other students who are wishing to attend University to understand why the fees are rising. No one seem to  have a direct answer and i guess that if we don’t know now than we will never really know. (Unless of course you study Politics) I understand that inflation will always occur and prices just have to go up - especially with the economic downfall but it really does put a downer on things knowing that in around 15 years time when many of us young people do have real jobs we will have to pay so much money for the mistakes of the generation above us.  But fear not if, i guess if the young people before us were able to pull through during the last recession over 20 years ago then I’m sure with prayer that we will be able to do the same, and lets hope that for the future generations that the fees will decrease. 

i doubt it though.

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